Obtaining Coupons

Where do you get all of your coupons?

I get asked this question often!  Most coupons are still obtained from the Sunday paper.  I actually have a subscription for both  the Arizona Republic (Phx paper) and the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson paper).

Why do you get both papers?

Unfortunately for us Tucsonans, the Arizona Daily Star gets an edited version of the coupons compared to the Arizona Republic.  When there is several great coupons in the paper, Tucson typically only gets 1/2 of them.  Bummer! Plus the Arizona Daily Star no longer receives Red Plum inserts.

And I still subscribe to the Arizona Daily Star so I can see all the sales ads because the Phoenix paper doesn’t deliver all the store ads.  I usually only get the CVS ad and Big 5 ad in my Phoenix papers.

Do you pay full price for all of your papers?

Of course not silly! Depending the most recent promo, I usually pay ~$1 each week, per paper. So 50% off the newstand price and delivered to my house is a great deal in my book!

What other ways can you acquire more coupons?

Ask your family and friends to save the coupons inserts for you (if they don’t happen to use them).  You can check recycling centers/bins (depending upon where you live).  Many communities have free newspapers, in Tucson there is La Estrella and Northwest Explorer.  Often times these weekly papers also get a coupon insert!  Two free papers in Phoenix are La Voz and the Tribune.

You can pay a clipping service/ebay for whole inserts or individual coupons.

What are Peelies, Blinkies and Tearpads?

You often hear couponers talk about peelie, blinkie and tearpad coupons.  These coupons are found in the store on or near products.  Peelies are understandably coupons that you peel off products, like stickers.  Blinkies refer to the coupons that come from the little coupon machines in the grocery store aisle.  They spit out a new coupon when someone takes one.  Tearpads are just that; tearpads of coupons generally placed on promotional displays or product shelves.  Keep your eye’s open, coupons can be everywhere!

Any other coupon sources?

You can request coupons from manufacturers.  If you really like a product, sometimes just a little email/letter indicating how well you like their product and if there are any coupons available can go really far.  Many companies are more than happy to send you some coupons (usually high value coupons too)!!

And of course you can print coupons at home, check out the Printable Coupons link under coupon resources for more information.  I also have a section for e-Coupons.