Legoland California tips

LEGOLAND California Tips

My boys love LEGOLAND California. We’ve been several times over the past few years and have learned a few things in the process. Today I am sharing a few tips to help make your trip to LEGOLAND more fun. 1. Shop Early Or Else… Seriously do NOT wait until the end of the day to shop at the gift shop….

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All king beds at West Inn and Suites

Top 5 Reasons to Stay at the West Inn & Suites in Carlsbad

We headed back to Carlsbad over fall break to visit LEGOLAND again. Our boys are at the perfect age to enjoy LEGOLAND (4 and 7) and are big LEGO fans. On our last visit, we stayed at the LEGOLAND hotel right next to the park which was fun but not ideal. The location is great but the rooms are pretty pricey…

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Northern Lights Norway Cruise #hurtigruten

Thank you to Hurtigruten for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try check something off my bucket list! Let’s talk bucket lists a little bit. My own bucket list is definitely travel heavy, although I do need to update it because I’ve had quite a few adventures this year. It’s time to cross a few things off and had a…

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Cowboy and Cowgirl Blazin' M Ranch

Cowboy Fun in Cottonwood Arizona

The Blazin’ M Ranch is a dining and entertainment venue located in Cottonwood, Arizona. We had a chance to experience the cowboy fun back in August during our trip to Sedona. The ranch was about 20  minutes away from our hotel, the Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa, making it a convenient evening activity. We arrived about an hour before the dinner…

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Image Courtesy of Disney

A Tour Through Walt Disney’s House #DisneyInHomeEvent

Have you ever had the opportunity to experience something really cool, something you’d never expect to do? Last week it happened to me! The first event during my #VeryBadDayEvent trip was a tour through Walt Disney’s house. Earlier this year I took the Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps tour and got a chance to see inside Walt Disney’s private apartment above…

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7 Reasons You should attend mickey's halloween party

7 Reasons You Should Attend Mickey’s Halloween Party

Last year’s Halloween adventure at Disneyland, including Mickey’s Halloween party, was one of my favorite adventures of 2013! We almost always go to Disneyland during the fall because both Peter and Quinn’s birthdays are in late September.  Two years ago we attended our first Mickey’s Halloween Party and it was awesome. Here’s why I’d love to go back every year. #1…

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Anchorage Museum Princess leia inspired by native culture

Sneak Peek at The Anchorage Museum

I love learning about the history of places and knew as soon as we started planning our trip to Alaska that I needed to find a great museum. The Anchorage Museum is definitely a great museum and a whole more. Beyond extensive exhibits on the history of Alaska, it’s also showcases the many cultures of Alaska, cool art and fun, interactive…

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Hilton El Conquistador Staycation.jpg

5 reasons for a staycation at Hilton El Conquistador Resort

I am a big fan of staycations, focusing on local, Arizona fun. Ironically, we rarely take a true Tucson staycation. It was high time we explored a great Tucson resort so we jumped at the chance to check out the Hilton El Conquistador.  We spent a lovely weekend there recently and I wanted to share why I think you (and…

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How To Deal With Lost Luggage.jpg

How To Deal With Lost Luggage

Have you ever showed up to baggage claim, only to find out your luggage is lost? We’ve had a couple near misses, and our luggage was stolen out of car on our honeymoon but we haven’t ever lost our luggage while flying. KNOCK ON WOOD!!! It has definitely crossed my mind though, usually as we are impatiently waiting for our luggage…

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Weird Alaska Facts.jpg

My Next Adventure and 13 Weird Alaska Facts

Arizona was the 48th state to be added to the union, so you could say Alaska (the 49th state) is like Arizona’s baby brother. It’s located so far away though from the Lower 48 that it definitely has its own identity. Alaskans have a lot of pride in their big state and I am excited to be exploring a small chunk…

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