Elliot's Birthday Invite Final Blog

Hulk Birthday Invitations Free Printable Template

Elliot has a Hulk themed birthday this year and I tried to keep it budget friendly as much as possible. That meant I made what i I could including our own Hulk birthday invitations. They were fairly easy to make using the comic book style fonts and overlays in PicMonkey. In fact you could easily make your own Hulk birthday…

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Easy Hulk Cupcakes with DIY Topper

Easy Hulk Cupcakes

This post contains affiliate links With everyone in AVENGERS overload, I decided to do an easy superhero party theme for Elliot’s birthday. When I asked him who his favorite Avenger was, he told me Hulk. Never mind that a few days later he changed his mind and said Captain America was his favorite and Hulk was his 2nd favorite. Sorry crazy…

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DIY Han Solo Running Costume

DIY Han Solo Costume

Running may not be fun but running in fun costumes can be! If you’re a regular reader than you know I love making DIY costumes, usually for my boys but sometimes for me too. I was super excited to hear a fun run would be happening at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration again this year.  This year we started…

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DIY Han Solo Belt, Gun and Holster

DIY Han Solo Belt and Gun

I decided to detail out my DIY Han Solo Belt and Gun Holster for anyone that wants to make their own. Don’t miss my other post detailing out the rest of the Han Solo Costume. I started off using this tutorial and modified it to simplify the design and keep the belt lightweight since I was running in it. It was…

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Star Wars BB-8 Droid Shirt

Star Wars DIY BB-8 Shirt

It’s May the 4th and since we are heading to Walt Disney World in a few days I figured it was the perfect time to make a new DIY Star Wars shirt. With everyone eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens later this year, I wanted to come up with a fun new design. I think the…

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#GetKreative Free baseball snack printable

Baseball Snacks Free Printable

We are smack dab in the middle of little league season around here. That means several hours of practice and two games every week. With no complaints coming from the big guy, I know he must love playing baseball. I actually think Quinn prefers practice to games in almost all aspects except the beloved after game snack! So I was…

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DIY Iron Man Shirt

Easy DIY Iron Man Shirt #AvengersEvent

Yesterday I shared a super easy DIY Hulk shirt, today it’s Iron Man’s turn. This DIY Iron Man shirt will be perfect for our upcoming trip to Disney World! What you need to make a DIY Iron Man Shirt: Plain T-shirt Iron On Transfers – I like these ones (amazon affiliate) Iron Iron Man Graphic I love creating custom shirts…

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Easy DIY Hulk shirt

Easy DIY Hulk Shirt #AvengersEvent

I love creating custom Disney shirts for my boys. It’s a fun way for them to coordinate on trips without totally matching which by the way is not cool for 7 year olds. Q doesn’t want to wear the EXACT same shirt as his little brother. We are headed to the Disney Social Medial Mom Celebration and I wanted to…

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Disney Easter Eggs

Disney Easter Egg Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, with the big bunny’s visit imminent it’s time to decorate a few Easter Eggs. We typically just pick out a kit and let the kids do their own thing. However, making a few extra special eggs can also be fun, so I rounded up a few Disney Easter Egg Ideas. Frozen Easter Eggs Olaf…

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Prince Charming Costume on a swing

No Sew Prince Charming Costume DIY Tutorial

After making Elliot a Hiro costume sweatshirt recently, I figured I’d be out of the costume making business for a little while. Elliot must have had other plans because he randomly asked for a prince costume. I’m guessing the girls at preschool were talking about princess costumes and that triggered his request. With Cinderella arriving in theaters today, I figured…

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