I’m an Arizona mom of two little boys. Pre-kids, I worked for several years in the medical device industry and then briefly taught middle school math before Quinn arrived in September 2007; Elliot followed in April 2010.  Now my life revolves around little league, potty training and Star Wars!

Family pic

I started blogging in 2008 to share my money saving ideas and inspire other families to save money too! Saving money was necessary so we could still splurge on the fun stuff like vacations while living on one income!

Toy Story Family Cosumes

Naturally I also wanted to share fun stuff we did – which led me down the rabbit hole of blogging topics! Luckily Desert Chica Ramblings pretty much covers anything This Tucson Girl wants to talk about!

 Star Wars Halloween Costume Family

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you want to connect with me you can email me at KarenHeffren@gmail.com or find me on twitter, facebook, google+pinterest and instagram. Oh yeah and check out my silly videos on YouTube!

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