How To Make Your Pins Go Viral

I am super excited to have the lovely Becca from My Crazy Good Life guest posting here today. She’s an awesome Tucson blogger, a great friend and the best blogging mentor you could have. I get to call her my best blogging buddy and now everyone else can too, well sort of. You can find lots of awesome blogging information in her new book, Everything But The Posts. Today she is sharing her awesome viral Pinterest knowledge with us…

Are you looking for shares like this on all of your pins?

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.21.57 AM

162,000 repins on one post?

I may not be able to get you these *exact* results, but I’ll tell you how to bring more traffic to your blog through Pinterest. Let’s talk Pinterest strategy.

5 Ways To Make Your Pins Go Viral

1. Make beautiful images People don’t pin boring stuff. They pin beautiful images with bright colors (red, orange, and yellow tones, actually!). The best size for a Pinnable image is at least 400 pixels wide and 700 pixels long, and images that contain text telling what the linked post is about are repinned more often than images with no text.

2. Stay ahead of the holiday curve On average, you’ll see pins for a National holiday about 2 months before the actual holiday hits. This means you as a blogger need to be way ahead of the holiday curve. When it comes to National Days–you know, National Peanut Butter Day, National Margarita Day, National Tortilla Chip Day… posts for these days begin showing up on Pinterest just a few days before the date. These National Days can bring you a lot of traffic if you’re one of the bloggers who posts about them. Find a list of National Days here.

3. Check your stats Look to see what posts are being searched for and clicked on. Last year at this time your Easter egg hunt post was getting a lot of traffic? And you’re starting to see it on your stats search results page? That means it’s time to start sharing that post again! Pin it, include it in round-up posts, and add it to your boost groups. Just because a post was written previously doesn’t mean it’s not relevant anymore. Your best content are the posts that you can share again and again.

4. Pin to group boards Ask to join some Pinterest group boards. Usually, directions for being added to that board are in the description but ask your friends too–they might be able to add you to some! Group Pinterest boards are awesome because they multiply the eyes on each pin you add to it. If you can’t find any boards to join, create your own! The general rule for a group board is that you can pin again after it has been repinned 50 times (but some boards have their own rules, so keep an eye out!).

5. Keep repinning posts. Many bloggers pin their posts once. This is great, but it won’t get the maximum amount of eyes on it. Create several boards that you can pin similar posts to. For example, a breakfast recipe post can be pinned to a board titled with your blog name, a Main Dish board, a breakfast recipe board, and even a board created for one of your kids if that’s their favorite recipe. In addition, boards titled Top Pins, Featured Pins, 100 Repin Club, or 1000 Repin Club are boards you can create to share pins again and again. When repinning your posts, wait a few days between pinning so you can take advantage of different times of day and days of the week.

Bonus tip: Make sure to use descriptive text (with keywords) in all of your image titles and alt tags, as Pinterest will pull from them for your description and use them when people search the Pinterest site. You’ll always take the time to make sure your description is correct, but others won’t–they’ll repin your image the way it pops up on your blog, and you’ll suffer the consequence of a bad description with no keywords.

For more tips about Pinterest for bloggers, see my post Pinterest Tips & Tricks for Bloggers.

I’m Becca Ludlum, and I am excited to be here at Desert Chica Ramblings today. Karen is one of my dearest friends, both in real life and online ;) She invited me here today as part of my book launch tour. As a blogger and blog mentor I’m often asked how to start, grow, or monetize blogs. I decided to write Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates From A Blogger Who Has Been in Your Shoes to help bloggers who want to create or grow their blog. I’d love for you to check it out!



    • It’s tough (as a blogger) to use vertical images at first, I think because they take up so much space! They pay off in the long run, though!

  1. I think your best tip was to stay ahead of the holiday curve. I found that pins aren’t nearly as successful launched mid holiday craziness!

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