St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookie Pops

Green is my favorite color, so March 17th is a rather fun holiday for me! With only a month until St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to kick off the celebrations and make Shamrock Cookie Pops today.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cookie Pops

 St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookie Pops

We made sugar cookie pops during the holidays and my boys LOVED them. Somehow turning a sugar cookie into a “popsicle” makes them infinitely cooler. And as much as I love frosting, it’s nice to skip it for the boys. They definitely don’t need any additional sugar and neither do I! ;-)

The hardest part in making these cookies is tracking down a shamrock cookie cutter. I hunted all over town before borrowing one from my Grandma. She is a Hallmark cookie cutter collector so I knew she’d have one!

You can make these cookies from scratch but I opted to make it easy and use a box of cookie mix.


  1. Add green food coloring to Sugar Cookie dough while mixing.
  2. Chill dough at least a few hours to help keep the cookie shape when baking.
  3. Roll out dough and carefully cut out each shamrock.
  4. To create a shamrock cookie pop, simply place a craft stick on top of one shamrock cookie and sandwich another shamrock cookie on top.
  5. Liberally apply green sprinkles before baking.
  6. I baked my cookies for 14 minutes, the package called for 8-10 but remember these are actually double-decker cookies!
  7. Cool and Enjoy.

St. Patrick's Day Cookie Pops

Peter says these cookies are “Super Bomb,” so if you’re looking for awesome green cookies that are yummy, fun and super easy to make… these are your cookies!

What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day recipe?



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