Safeway Just For You: Customized Savings Center

Last week I attended a Safeway blogger event where I learned all about their new Just for U savings program. I love that even non-couponers can login and select relevant deals for their family and save an additional 10-20% without any real effort. I think everyone can appreciate that!

My absolute favorite features about Safeway’s Just For U savings program?

  • The deals are personalized to your shopping habits. That means if you don’t have a baby or pets you won’t receive any random pet or baby deals. The personalized deals are relevant and personalized offers based on your purchase history.  This is based on your club card data, so be sure no one is polluting your shopping history with their random purchases. And if you have been using someone else’s Club card, now is the time to get your own.


  • Safeway gives you the BEST deal when couponing. The Safeway cash register will always give you the BEST deal when you present two different coupons! For example, you have a $0.75 eQ loaded for cheerios a $0.50 MQ (paper) in hand. Here in Arizona the $0.50 MQ would be the BEST deal because Safeway doubles it to a $1 savings. Once the coupons are scanned, the cash register will determine which deal is best for you! In this case, the paper MQ. And the eQ will be loaded back on your club card so you can use it on another shopping trip! If you the eQ happens to be a better deal, the clerk will hand you back your paper MQ! Woo Hoo! I wish all stores had that capability!

How does it work?

First you need to register for the Just for U program at All you need is your Club Card number (or the phone number you use) and an email address.  Then head to the Just For U section of the website. You will see three areas: Coupon Center, Personalized Deals and Your Club Specials.


1) Coupon Center is full of digital coupons sorted to show you  your most relevant coupons first.

  • This is where you can load coupons to your Safeway Club Card without hesitation! In fact if you see one you might use, load it because just like printable coupons, digital coupons (eQs) have “clip limits”. Only so many are available before they disappear.
  • All of these coupons should be available to everyone, until the limits are reached.
  • The only personalization in this section is how the coupons are sorted. If there is a dog food coupon available and you never buy dog food, the coupon should be loaded towards the end of the list.
  • Keep in mind if there is a coupon for a brand new product, it will likely be sorted closer to the end of the list as well since YOU have never purchased it before.
  • Check this section often, as manufacturer’s load coupons almost daily.
  • Again BEST DEAL applies, if you load a digital eQ but have a paper MQ that is better, the Safeway system will let you use the better coupon! There is no reason to fear loading digital coupons at Safeway!
  • Once loaded to your card these offers are available at any Safeway brand store, in case you happen to be travelling.

2) Personalized Deals are personalized offers based on your past shopping trips.

  • They are typically unlimited, so you can buy 10 of the deal on your shopping trip and then come back every day and buy 10 more (up until the offer expiration date).
  • These are the deals that will most likely be different from your friends and neighbors, you have one or two in common but they really are personalized for your shopping habits.
  • The BEST DEAL applies here as well. If you load an offer for $5.99 Primo Taglio lunch meat (which I have right now in my account) but it’s on a Club Card special for $5 on Friday, then I will get it for the $5 price if I purchase it on Friday.
  • The personalized deals are typically price points.  It will show you the sale price point and then compare it to either the regular Safeway price or a competitor’s current price (typically a Walmart or Target in your area).
  • These must be loaded to your card (either via the website or mobile app).
  • Personalized deals are only available for use in your geographic area (i.e. Arizona)

3) Your Club Specials is the last section of the Just For You program.

  • Safeway typically has 6000 Club Card specials in store at any given time. Their regular grocery ad only highlights about 400 of them.
  • The Your Club Specials section helps to pin point Club Card specials that are MOST relevant to your purchasing needs (again based on your past shopping history).
  • These do not need to be added to your card and anyone using a Club Card will get the deal. Safeway just wants to make it easier for you to find the deals that make the most sense for you and your family.
  • Currently this section of the program is only available via the website and not the mobile app.

The Safeway mobile app is free and available for both iPhones and Androids. safewayapp2

Safeway has been hard at work trying to make their app awesome! I love that it only takes a few minutes from loading a coupon before it’s ready to use at the check stand which I test last week in store. In fact I saved 47% off my grocery bill without using any paper coupons!

Do you have any questions about Safeway’s new saving program?

And check back later this week for a Safeway gift card giveaway!

Disclosure: I attended the Safeway Blogger event to learn about the new Just For U savings program. I received gift cards and groceries for participating. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I have been having prooblems with the app loading correctly on my android. It will tell me that it does not have any personalized deals or it can’t load my card info. It is always locking up. I can do it from my laptop but if I want to check when I am out… it always seems to stall. When it does work, it is amazing !

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