DIY Custom Disney Shirts

DIY Custom Disney Shirts While cleaning out my desk… (which is always a work in progress) I came across a package of HP Iron on Transfers.  It was a great discovery because I hadn’t had much luck finding “new to us” Disney shirts for the boys for our Disneyland trip.

I always watch for fun Disney shirts for the boys to wear on our Disneyland trips.  Finding them at consignment shops saves us lots of money and makes them a little more unique than the ones everyone JUST bought in the park.

Back to my DIY success. I decided to try my luck with the long forgotten Iron on transfers. My first task was to find cheap plain t-shirts to use. I found 3 Hanes/Fruit of Loom shirts at our 99 Cent Only Shirt. Orange and green for Elliot and a turquoise one in Quinn’s size. Then I found a yellow on at Twice As Nice for $1.99.

Next up finding some great t-shirt designs. I decided a simpler design would be a better chance for success.  So I started googling things like “Disney Clip Art” and “Mickey Head Clip Art”.

Easy DIY Custom Disney Shirts

Then I just used the “print screen” function on my computer to copy the images and paste them into my Paint program. I cropped the image and then inserted my text.  I wanted the shirts to be personalized with the boys names and this was a very easy way to do that!

After I created a t-shirt image I liked I saved the file and opened it with my Word program.  My transfer sheets were the size of regular sheets of paper. I played with the sizing and then did test prints on regular paper.  Then I was able to test out the image size on my shirts.

Winnie the Pooh Shirts

Once I was happy with my design I printed the images on the special HP transfer paper.  I made a HUGE mistake thought. Can anyone guess what I did??

Take a look at the picture above again and see if you can figure it out…..

The picture below is another hint.

Disneyland Disneyworld Shirts

I forgot to print the mirror image of the designs! DUH!

So my first set were a loss. But no biggie, I had more transfer paper left!  I went back and changed the print settings to print the mirror image. (And don’t forget to change it back once you are done)!!

DIY Custom Disney Shirts

 I trimmed each image, leaving a little edge around it. 

DIY Custom Disney Shirts

Then I carefully centered each image on a shirt and followed the directions to iron on each transfer. The key seems to be time and pressure. Make sure you have enough of each!

The Moment Of Truth!

Was the transfer really going to work??

DIY Custom Disney Shirts

Yay! It totally did. I carefully peeled of of the paper backing and then did a happy dance around the kitchen!

What a fun spread of color!! I was so excited with the results!

Easy Custom DIY Disney Shirts

Project Cost:

4 T-shirts $5 total

Iron On transfers free <—I did price out a package of iron on transfers at Michaels which worked out to about $1 per transfer paper.

Total Cost $1.25 a shirt for me!!

Disneyland shirts


I shared a couple other pictures from Disneyland last week.  This was a fun and easy project. Oh and cheap too!

Check out my DIY LEGO shirt with a free template!



  1. Thanks from one Disney geek to another! 😛

    “Quinnie the Pooh” has always been our song for Quinn.. and now we sing “Quinnie the Pooh and Elliot too”! :-)

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  3. WOW!! thank you sooo much for your advice and detailed step by step on how to make your own special Disney shirts. We are going to Disneyland Anaheim for a weekend this December and making these shirts will become a souvenir and a great memory for us… and the best part, at the fraction of the price I was willing to pay before. Thanks again :)
    Happy MOM

  4. Awesome idea! We are going to Disneyworld this November, and I will definitely be using this transfer-method to personalize “cinch sacks” for each family member. Thanks for sharing : )

    • I am so glad you found it useful. It never occured to me before I made it how easy it could be!! I hope you have a fabulous trip!

  5. […] Another place to try is a consignment store. If you’re crafty, you could try making your own custom Disney shirts. Or Google “tie dye Mickey shirts” for instructions on making colorful Mickey heads […]

    • I have used that in the past. is a free website online that is awesome. I would recommend using that instead.

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