A Toy Story Halloween

Toy Story Halloween

Kids love Halloween and so do TOYS! This year we celebrated with a Toy Story Halloween theme.

This is the one day a year when all of us toys can come out and play without our owners (although we do love playing with Andy)!  We run around the neighborhood begging for candy and no one finds it odd that a cowgirl, cowboy, dinosaur, alien, space ranger and evil emperor are hanging out together.  If it was any other day of the year, we would be discovered and sent back to the toy box.  We had an awesome Halloween and hope you did too!

Costume Details:

The Woody Costume was the easiest to pull off! A “close enough” cowboy shirt thrifted, jeans, red handkerchief, cowboy hat and cow print vest. Our rex costume was just a generic dinosaur costume found at a consignment shop. Buzz was a simple dress up costume from Target’s toy section. Our Alien splurged on her hat/mask but pulled off the look with coordinating tights/gloves and a dress. Zurg also splurged on the hat/mask but finished his costume with a cape and dark colored clothing. Jessie was actually a homemade costume bought off craiglist.



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